Balancing Image and Text in Web Design

By 4 March 2014 

Why is it important to balance image and text on our web pages anyway? Humans are largely visual beings, this is true, however why do people visit websites? They want information. Sometimes this information is best presented in images, cake decorators for instance, but at the end of the day, the customer wants information – price, location, size and service for example. There are many reports that clearly review website analytics and suggest that customers come to a website to find out facts.  The customer is task focused. Customers seem to make decisions based on what they read, not what they see.

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Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, and many other successful websites are not examples of aesthetically attractive website design.  These sites have put the practical needs of their customers before convoluted and unnecessary imagery. Having said that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true for most of us. Images are an important means of communicating with your customer and should be sensitively and sensibly included in your web design. If your image is not directly related to the informative text, don’t include it. It only serves to confuse otherwise.

Your web page only has a few seconds to capture your customers attention or drive them onto your competitors. The balance between image and text is most critical on your landing page, however, this attention to balance is important throughout your web design. Consistency and flow is essential to a well designed web site, not least of all in your use of text and image.

website design, balance, intellect, brisbane

A simple example of Asymmetrical balance

The overall design of web pages must be interesting enough to appeal to customers, but should avoid excessive visual content that distracts or disturbs. Large, slow loading images should be avoided at all costs. This is important for search engine optimisation as pages that load slowly is less likely to obtain top rankings in Google and other major search engines.

Using illustrations, photos or other images to appealing to customers quickly is important, but it is more important to find a balance between text and images in a web design.

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