Being our primary value, Integrity is a big part of who we are, so we won’t force you to contact us in order to learn the cost of our services. Our vision is to provide you with high-quality, personal service that is within your budget, so we’ve designed these pages to give you an idea of what our services will cost.

We have faith that our transparency will assure you that all your interactions with Intellect will be above-board and conducted with integrity. If you would like clarification on our services and pricing, we welcome all enquiries and you can connect with us at any time.

Follow the links for each product stream to see an estimate of the hours required to produce deliverables for each service.

Our services are charged at the rate of AUD $50.00 per productive hour, with the exception of our Content Managment service, which is charged at AUD $12.50 per session.

The cost will depend entirely upon the complexity and size of the work undertaken and will be in accordance with your budget and needs.