Website Design

Responsive Web Design Brisbane IntellectOur commitment to quality and your brand is why all Intellect websites are 100% custom-made. Our designs are developed for each individual client, so your website will be uniquely yours with a design that is visually appealing, functional and user-friendly.

We live in a world of mobile services; smartphones, tablets and the Cloud. With a plethora of mobile devices to choose from, it is essential that your site can deliver an outstanding user experience without compromising on quality or content. Intellect future-proofs your site through the use of Responsive Design. At Intellect, all sites are developed using the latest in HTML and CSS coding to deliver a genuine ‘one size fits all’ website, reducing the cost and development time needed for our clients.

Website Design Time Cost ($ AUD)
Planning 4 to 8 hours 200-400
Design 8 to 16 hours 400-800
Development and Testing 2 to 4 hours/Page 100-200/Page
The (not so) Fine Print:

There are a large number of variables involved in determining the cost of work. The purpose of this page is to help you determine if our services and prices are suitable for you. The estimated times and costs given on this web page are provided in good faith and they are estimates only.

Should you choose to engage Intellect, our formal quote will be in writing on company letterhead stationery and determined after consultation with you on your design needs and budgetary considerations. The information on this page does not consitute a quote.